Energy Transition Specialists
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Our mission

The name of our consultancy company is inspired by the ground-breaking UN-report ‘Our Common Future’ (1987), with the central message that it’s possible to meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow. This message is still highly relevant today.


Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition. As creative strategists, we work with our clients to optimise the future energy system. The transition involves a large number of variables in energy supply, demand and infrastructure. Against this background we advise our clients on decisions and choices that enable a smooth transition at the lowest possible costs. Our support is based on our knowledge of energy systems and on decades of experience working for large energy companies, governments and coalitions. Important elements of our work are cutting-edge analysis, managing energy transition coalitions and knowledge-based dialogue with policy makers.


  • I'm convinced that we can speed up and steer the transition towards a cost-optimal energy system that is fit for future generations. This requires well-founded decisions based on solid analysis and dialogue.
    Daan Peters
  • I'm a firm believer in co-creation of new solutions. Combining top-notch expertise from our clients with our knowledge of the energy system as a whole can lead to new ways to drive forward the energy transition.
    Kees van der Leun
  • I want to help shape an energy transition that is both efficient and fair. By taking part in that dialogue, I expect to increase societal support for the necessary measures, which in turn helps to accelerate the transition.

    Jelle Hofstra
  • Previously, actors within the energy system have too often worked in isolation. To accelerate the energy transition it’s time for a change, starting with increased cross-border connections, collaboration and comprehension between countries and organisations.
    Steffan Brosschot
  • The transition towards a sustainable and fair energy system requires critical and honest research, ambition, transdisciplinary collaborations, and creativity. I believe an open mind and active listening will help facilitate this.
    Evelien Smit
  • By optimizing energy systems, we can work toward a cost- and energy-efficient future for society. I want to be a part of making this future a reality through facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration, creative solutions, and critical forward thinking.
    Leo Gray