Common Futures supported Vattenfall in its competitive bid on the Dutch offshore wind site Hollandse Kust West VII. Our work for Vattenfall’s bid was centred around building a strategy for knowledge sharing within the project.


In the tenders for wind farms, the government establishes all the conditions for planning and building, including the location, the measures to protect nature, the grid connection and the necessary permits. For the tender for Hollandse Kust West VII, bidders could score points by demonstrating solutions to better integrate the wind farm into the Dutch energy system and by sharing the knowledge and experience of related investments and innovations. Common Futures supported Vattenfall in selecting innovations to include in the bid, developing a strategy to collect and share the knowledge gained, and writing this part of the bid.


To develop the strategy, Common Futures brought together a consortium of interested knowledge partners. Common Futures co-developed their research proposals, and proposed a plan to share the knowledge in a transparent and interactive manner. During the realisation and operation of the wind farm, the consortium would be involved in monitoring and sharing knowledge gained within HKW VII. In addition, Common Futures helped Vattenfall with a proposal for a transparent and interactive way to share the knowledge gained.