A successful transition towards a fossil-free energy system in Europe requires significant efforts in adapting energy infrastructure. These developments are, however, slowed down by a complex combination of political, financial, regulatory and social factors. In this project, Common Futures supported AFRY and E.On in giving new momentum to the discussion about the accelerating the transition towards the infrastructure for a net-zero emission energy system. Using trend analysis from E.ON Foresight, this project targeted the root causes of the challenges and identified old principles that currently hamper progress. New expansion principles that can accelerate the transition were identified, as well as actionable levers that can bring these principles to life.


Common Futures provided propositions for levers to accelerated the infrastructure developments and participated in two workshops to discuss and further specify the levers. The levers introduced by Common Futures included the need for more detailed and high quality energy data, combining offshore wind with offshore hydrogen production, increasing energy awareness and energy savings, and creating energy hubs. These levers can all contribute to reducing the need for grid reinforcement or expansion. A final report on new principles to accelerate the European system transition was published in June 2023.