Gasunie, the Dutch gas TSO, is currently building pipeline and storage infrastructure to support the growing role of hydrogen in the energy system. Common Futures supported Gasunie in analysing the future system role of hydrogen.


In the years ahead, renewable electricity will play an every larger role in the energy mix. Yet it will not be possible for electricity to fulfill all necessary roles in the energy system. The deployment of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen broadens the possibilities in energy transmission, long-term energy storage and efficient delivery of high-temperature heat. In addition, there remains a need for specific feedstocks (molecules) for industry. This makes hydrogen a relevant companion to electricity in the future energy system. 


Common Futures analysed the future roles of hydrogen in the energy system. We also identified required actions to create the system role at the required rapid pace, and the possible role of Gasunie in these. In doing so, we consulted a wide variety of studies and spoke to a group of energy experts. We discussed our findings with various teams within Gasunie, including its management.

Common Futures helped us shape and solidify our vision of hydrogen's future system role, underpinned by insights from a broad group of experts. This will provide a good starting point for the development of our new strategy. Jasper Stevens Corporate Strategy, Gasunie