Specific short term targets to reduce fossil energy consumption in the EU, at member state level and above. For Ukraine, energy prices, and climate. A growing overview.

30 Apr 2022 | Blog post | by Kees van der Leun

Russia's attack on Ukraine has made it even more obvious: in the EU, we have to rapidly reduce our fossil fuel use. This will also reduce the energy prices that have already become a heavy burden on many households and companies. And it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, urgently needed to address the climate crisis.


There are many goals and plans for 2030 and beyond, but much less for 2022 and 2023. That's what we are looking for now. Here's the start of an overview. Please tells us of specific goals and plans that you are aware of, with target dates of end-2023 or before, and at member state (national) level or above. Can be from governments, industry associations, or NGO's.


Here we go:



The Dutch renewable energy association NVDE published a plan to reduce fossil gas consumption in the Netherlands by 4.7 billion m³ (bcm) within 12 months, specifying the savings per measure: https://www.nvde.nl/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/20220302-NVDE-options-for-less-fossil-energy-and-less-energy-dependency.pdf

That's -2.9 bcm within a year in industry & services and -1.7 bcm in households. The measures: Industry/services: insulation, optimize equipment control, LED lighting, voluntary contribution Households: optimize heating systems, insulation, renewable sources, small measures.
NVDE table English 111878254320


  • In the European Commission's #RepowerEU proposal, it mentioned goals for 2030, but for end of 2022 too: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/resource.html?uri=cellar:71767319-9f0a-11ec-83e1-01aa75ed71a1.0001.02/DOC_1&format=PDF. The European Council has asked the Commission to elaborate the plans by mid-May.  
  • Reducing demand for fossil gas within 2022 is to be achieved by:
    - Increasing the production of biomethane by 3.5 bcm
    - EU wide energy saving, e.g. by turning down the thermostat 1℃: 14 bcm
    - Solar rooftops front loading 2.5 bcm (by saved gas for electricity)
    - Heat pump front loading by doubling deployment: 1.5 bcm
    - Other wind and solar front loading (increasing average deployment rate by 20%): 17.5 bcm (by saved gas for electricity)


REPowerEU table 111878254086

More to follow shortly!