For a successful hydrogen economy, hydrogen storage is critical

8 Dec 2023 | Publications | by Tash Garrood & Steffan Brosschot

Common Futures sees three key reasons why:

  1. Meeting baseload industrial demand
  2. Ensuring power is always available at short notice
  3. Strengthening the business case for renewables

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Common Futures translates scenarios to hydrogen storage strategies

Energy transition scenarios show a need for hydrogen storage. Analysis is needed into how much of specific types of storage is required, considering their different characteristics and geologies. Common Futures supports clients in developing strategies for underground hydrogen storage. With our hydrogen storage simulation model and through our work in hydrogen network planning, we support the development of hydrogen storage strategies. Both company-specific and EU-wide strategies are needed to move from modelling outcomes to tangible results.


We focus on energy system optimisation. Looking forward to speak to you.


Read about it in our infographic here